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About Us

The Sponsorite App aspires to provide a platform for events of all sizes and categories to match up with sponsors wishing to promote their brand or business to similar audiences.

We aim to disrupt the sponsorship ecosystem as we know it by maximizing the chances of events finding the sponsors they need and vice versa.

Events of all sorts are prone to go after the same big brands which means that these brands get over solicited and many other businesses don’t get to be made aware of events taking place around them for which the target audience would had been a perfect match.

Sponsorite’s goal is to fulfill all missed sponsorship opportunities.

Are you organizing an event and looking for sponsors? Are you a brand or business owner searching for events near you to potentially sponsor? Then this Free App is just for you.

Sponsors will be able to filter through events based on things like category (music, sports, food, business, non-profit, etc.), dates, location, budget and more.

All events are welcomed so whether you are looking to raise 50$ or 5 Million, or whether you expect 50 people to attend or 5 Million, adding your event is free of charge.

Same goes for sponsors, if you are a small shop owner, a start-up looking to get some buzz or an established multinational, you can browse through small medium and large sponsorship opportunities.

We are launching in a few weeks,
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The ‘Who’

Start by choosing whether you are an event looking for sponsors or whether you are a business/brand interested to browse through events to potentially sponsor


The ‘Why’

Adding your event is FREE, Sponsorite is a platform that maximizes your exposure and chances to find a suitable sponsor.

Sponsors never pay Sponsorite anything at all and should they be interested in an event, the sponsor and sponsee (event) will be put in direct contact.


The ‘How’

Sponsors can filter through all the different categories (sports, music, non-profit, hobbies, food, culture, student related events, etc.), dates, location and budgets to help them find and select the events that are most suitable for their brand and target audience.


The ‘What’

By adding an event, sponsees specify the location of where their event is taking place, the dates, the category it falls under, event description, wether or not this is a recurring event, the different kind of sponsorships they are looking for and the benefits they will offer sponsors in exchange, the expected audience in both numbers and demographics and their contact details.

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